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About Us


Empowering Agriculture

Gentex Seeds is an Erstwhile seed company dealing in 140 different varieties of Seeds. We Breed, develop and Produce best quality Seed to meet the full potential in order to make the optimum utilization of available resources. We create values in our customers and emend users by providing world class products and services. The world demands a lot from its Agricultural Production: nutrition, resilience, performance, and easy maintenance. Our Stakeholders trust on as and support as in the production of better Seed Varieties, which were produced earlier. We tend to spend a lot of resources on the lab and our research areas. We are vertically integrated in research, production and sales that make our process farmer oriented. We drive a sense of national responsibility among our employees, where the main resources are the Agricultural economy. We provide latest technology to our customers through our extensive network and dedicated team.
Gentex Seeds is a growing preferred brand in India and soon going Global. The management aims to build the Gentex Seeds brand by its professional culture, Year by year Gentex Seeds has been doing great,delivering results and have been striding in its growth journey by focusing on developing excellent Hybrid Seeds.


The organization is collaborating with ICAR, Govt. Institutions, ICRISAT, IIHR, Foreign seed Associations, Foreign Seed Universities and Foreign Seed Organizations which helps in further strengthening our R&D activities resulting in the best quality production.
Gentex Seeds has strong vision and dedication to serve our respected farmers and thereby nation, which results in delivering happiness to farmers by increasing their Production multifold with the Premium Quality Seeds.


With Aggressive research and development program designing best products,We aspire to reach every part of the globe by professionally executing our strategy and action to be the world class.


Gentex Seeds stands for sustainable development of agriculture to meet Indian and global food demand. We have a Mission to maximize the production with the utilization of same resources.

  • High-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world.
  • Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.


We endeavor to embrace the change in technology, but we are stringent in following our business values.
Our business values are reflected in our work, communication and strategies. Being a customer centric organization we are committed to carry our business in a consistent, honest, respectful and transparent manner.


Managing and exceeding clients’ expectations

They have a dedicated team of experts that checks the quality and hygiene of products before delivering the packages to the clients. For optimum quality, timely delivery and affordable rates you can always count on Gentex.

— Mr. Jha

I have procured seeds from Gentex many a times. The professionals of Gentex made sure that quality inspections are carried in each phase. They have always provided high quality seeds only. Besides, the rates are very cost-effective.

— Mr. Shah

I am associated with Gentex since the inception. They offer a wide variety of Soybean Seeds that are fresh and do not contain any kind of pesticide and chemicals. The Soybean seeds supplied by them are highly rich in nutritional values.

— Mr. Shukla

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Our Motto

  Gentex Seeds stands for sustainable development of agriculture to meet Indian and global food demand. We have a Vision to maximize the production with the utilization of same resources.